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Since 2003 we have created projects ranging from short films to feature films and everything in between.
Playtime's Over - Official Teaser
project 10
Tease for our next short film "Playtime's Over"
Dead by Midnight (11pm Central)
project 12
Horror Anthology Dead By Midnight
Behind the Scenes - Jersey Devil
project 11
A look behind the scenes of "Jersey Devil"
Nutshell - Phife Dawg
project 1
Shot and Chopped by us. Production by J.Dilla and scratches by DJ RastaRoot
project 5
Some of the projects we have created.
El Chévere
project 3
Our short film which has been an official selection at over 30 film festivals
Welcome to the Bubs
project 4
A short film we created about a couple of survivors dealing with the undead.
Living - Arrested Development
project 2
Shot and Chopped by us and Nsil, Jason "Jahah" Berry and Speech Thomas.
Winner of 8x awards.
Feels So Good - Medina
project 6
Medina Islam AKA 'Quincy' from Tyler Perry's Have and Have Nots, music video we shot and chopped.
Sunshine's on the Way - The Soulution
project 7
Shot and chopped this music video for The Soulution.
The Closet
project 8
Our first short film which won Director's Choice and ShockerFest and Best Short Short at the Geekie Awards.
What it is - Stan Smith
project 9
Shot and chopped this video for Tokyo Dawn Recording artist Stan Smith with production by Daz-I-Kue.

Nutshell - Phife Dawg

Living - Arrested Development

El Chévere

Welcome to the Bubs

In a world where our survival depends on heroes like this...


Our DEMO REEL of some of the things we have worked on.

Feels so Good - Medina

Sunshine's on the Way - The Soulution

The Closet

What it is - Stan Smith

Playtime's Over - Official Teaser

Jersey Devil - Behind the Scenes

Dead by Midnight (11pm Central) - Official Trailer

"I'm not under too much of an illusion of how smart or un-smart I am because filmmaking ultimately is about teamwork"
Guy Ritchie


MemoryWedge productions has worked over a decade building and delivering world class content to companies and entertainers. From Grammy winning recording artists to Fortune 500 companies, we have helped create visuals that have been seen by millions of people and won countless awards. We are always looking forward to our next most valuable partner: you.
"Nobody will ever notice that. Filmmaking is not about the tiny details it's about the big picture."
Ed Wood